The Administrator Lifespan

In today’s class we discussed the need for adaptable systems to have high redundancy, high diversity. low specialization and healthy tension.  This will create a climate of change, emergence and novelty.  This systems model is one that should be sought after as a leader and it is something I am going to work toward creating as a junior administrator and eventually as a principal.

The one thing I struggled with in class is the typical “lifespan” of an administrator at a school is usually in the 3-5 year range.  Is this enough time to create this type of system of leadership within a school?  One of my classmates pointed out the fact that the staff could carry the vision forward after the current administrator is gone.  I believe this to be true and in theory the transition of the collaborative agreed upon vision from one administrator to the next SHOULD be able to be brought forward and carried on by staff.  However, as most teachers already know, the majority administrators will bring with them their own ideas of how the school should be run and may have a top-down approach to leadership rather than a shared vision of how a school should be run.

In the end I can only control my own practice and it will mirror many of the concepts discussed today.  Whether I have 1 or 5 years at a school I will ensure diversity, redundancy, low specialization and healthy tension to continually evolve my own practice as well as that of the staff.

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