Digital Media Reflection

While working on my digital media project this semester, I ran into some challenges.  Forming the initial idea in your head is the easy part.  Creating the actual project is far from easy.  For instance, creating a website which is useful and meaningful for people comes with its challenges.

  • How do you ensure the content is engaging and useful for people?
  • Are the items you are using on your website copyright protected and if so, are you following proper protocol to protect these items?
  • Is the site user-friendly?
  • Are people going to be able to navigate the site efficiently?
  • Have you included a space for people to interact with one another such as a FAQ section, group discussion forum or comment section?

Missing any one of the above points when creating a website can, and most likely will, kill the site.  Once people know you are missing one of the above components, they will not return and will not recommend the site to others.

I would suggest people research exactly what the needs are of the people the are trying to reach with their digital media project before they begin designing it.  This is crucial and will help to develop the individual components and content.  Also, I would suggest creators ensure a variety of ways for people to interact with the owner of the media project as well as with each other.  This way, people have the opportunity to suggest improvements the creator may not have considered.  This also allows for collaboration among the users and provides users with a chance to engage with each other.

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